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What is the recommended age group for Robotics workshop?

We recommend it to children of ages 5 to 9 years old. The games and activities are customized to suit their age group so as to keep it as interesting and educational as possible.

How many instructors will be present at the workshop?

Two to three instructors will be present at the workshop depending on the games and age group we are catering for.

How would these activities help my children learn more about robotics?

The distinct difference between this robotics workshop and other service providers is that we allow children to play and learn based on the scenario. From problem solving to soft skills such as communication, teamwork and sportsmanship through simple robotics competition. In short, they learn to play by figuring out and learning how the game works. We’re probably the only operator who have robotic games and platforms that are suitable for kids aged 5 and up since we use both Lego Education as well as a variety of Korean Robots.