Kachang Puteh

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A nostalgic childhood snack well loved by locals. Before popcorn became the mainstream party snack in Singapore, Kachang Puteh, which is assorted nuts served in a paper cone was THE snack that won the hands (and hearts) of every movie and party goer on our Island. These salty and mildly spicy treats are super addictive that you’ll be left wanting more. Choose from our selection of 6 types of nuts and give your guest a nostalgic surprise reminiscent of yesteryears. This snack is great for any Carnivals, Festivals, Parties, D&D and office parties.

We offer the following flavours:

- Sweet roasted peanuts

- Salted peanuts

- Seaweed coated nuts

- Murukku (Deep fried indian rice flour)

- Green Peas

- Mixed nuts