Muah Chee

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Is the Muah Chee Halal?

Our Muah Chee is made with glutinous rice flour, vegetable oil and peanut and sugar all of which are from Halal sources.

I have young children at the party, can they consume the Muah Chee?

The muah chee comes in small bite sized pieces that is easy to consume, though is can be a little chewy due to the nature of Glutinous Rice, children aged 3 and above should be able to chew it without any difficulties. The peanut is grounded into fine bits and would not cause choking. You can also request for the server to cut smaller pieces for the children if that’s your preference.

Does the Muah Chee booth require any power?

Yes, the Muah Chee requires a machine to keep the glutinous warm and prevent it from turning hard. We would advise that the machine be placed near the power source and in a corner away from the children as heated machine may cause injury.

What set up do you require?

Yes, we would require a 1m long table to place our equipment, as well as electricity.

How is the Muah Chee served?

The Muah Chee is served in a small clear plastic package.