Mobile Bar

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How much space is required for the mobile bar?

We’ll require a space of about 2m x 1.5m

What set up is required for the mobile bar?

We’ll require a table that’s at least 1.2m wide, as well as some space at the back for our mixers and equipment.

Will your bartender be able to perform and entertain my guests?

Yes, we can showcase flaring performances, only in carpeted areas for safety.

What types of drinks are there to choose from?

You can choose 2 kinds of cocktails

Cosmopolitan (Vodka + cranberry) - Red

Lychee Martini (Lychee juice/liqueur + Vodka) - Colorless

Mai Tai (Rum based, strong drink) - Yellow

Mojito (Rum + Lime + Mint) - Colorless

Sex on the beach (Vodka based, peach flavored drink) - Orange

Or Mocktails such as Appletinis and Shirley Temple.

The list goes on really, so ask us for more, we can even concoct it according to your needs such as a coloured theme, or type of flavour or ingredient to suit your event requirements!