Arcade Claw Machines Rental

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Now you can set up a whole Arcade at your event/ office or homes by renting our claw machine toy catchers here in Singapore.

Claw machines allow you to catch toys or capsules , providing heap loads of fun for kids and adults at your stores, launch events or community engagement.

It's a fun and challenging way to get your guest talking and a great way to give out brand memorabilla.

Use these LED toy catcher machines roadshows, store openings, GWP and more.

Each rental package comes with 50pieces 10cm diameter plastic capsules for complimentary usage. You can either insert little gifts or vouchers in.

Music available on the machine


  • -Different play modes available:  Free-Play / or with Tokens.
    -Machine allows for different levels of difficulty and claw strengths


SIZE: 0.78m x 0.56m x 1.85m

Fits up to 80pieces capsule balls

Prices start from $790 nett, no gst will be charged

  • -Discount for 2 or more machines, or rental over longer periods.
  • -Purchase available.

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